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“Exam Warrior” book has been written by Narendra Modi
“He” belongs to which group of elements Group 18 (0)
An element belong to which group in the periodic table if it has an electronic configuration of 2,8,7? Group 17
An element with electronic configuration 2,8,8 belongs to which group? Group 18 (0)
Asian Games 2022 would be held at? Hangzhou 2022
Author of the book “Mudrarakshasa”? Vishakhadatta
Bronze is an alloy of? Copper and Tin
From which organ is insulin released? Pancreas
Heaviest element in the periodic table? Uranium
Hockey world cup 2018 is going to be held at Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar, India.
How are the elements arranged in the Periodic Table? In order of increasing atomic number.
How many bones are present in a child? 270
How many chambers are there in a Fish’s heart? 2 chambers
How many double bonds are there in Benzene? 3 double bonds
How many elements are there in Mendeleev periodic table? 118
How many elements are there in the 4th group of the periodic table? 4
How many metalloids are there in the Periodic table? 6
How many periods and groups are there in the Modern Periodic Table? 7 periods and 18 groups
How many Radioactive elements are there in the Periodic Table? 38
If we go from left to right in the periodic table, the capacity to lose electrons will__ Decrease
In the periodic table, to which block does the elements from atomic number 57-72 belongs? d-block
In which group do Halogens belong in the periodic table? Group 17
In which of the Group 18 elements, 8 electrons are not present in the outermost shell? Helium
Molecular Mass of Ozone? 48 g/mol